Abbey Meaker (b. December 4, 1983) attended the Putney School and studied art history & film theory at Burlington College. Her lens-based work has been featured in exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has appeared in publications Pas un Autre, Anormal Magazine, LensCulture, Hunger TV, and Lamono Magazine, among others.

Meaker is currently the studio director for the artist Richard Erdman in Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy and is the founding director and curator of Overnight Projects, a migratory curatorial initiative that organizes experiential installations & concept-driven artworks & events in revolving locations including transitional spaces and more traditional gallery settings. Notable past sites include an 1800s orphanage, a defunct coal-plant, a 1950s lakeside motel, and a cornfield on the cusp of reverting back to a wetland..



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